Big Data is Still a Pain for Enterprises CompTIA Report

Big amount of information generated by businesses, users & devices, has knowledgeable explosive enlargement in the near future will need study for competitive benefit. The key to output will change big data into business intelligence.

The difficulty of huge data is about to become related for large enterprises & they require to plan for its decision. Enterprises want to address the matters & challenges of data needs & technology infrastructure before jumping into large data initiatives – newest research released these days by CompTIA suggests.

The non-profit organization for the information technology (IT) business in its “Big Data Insights & Opportunities” study finds that only 38% of IT & business managing are familiar with big data idea, while one in five businesses have started taking big data plan and 36% plan to embark on one in after that one year.

The survey was conducted connecting 500 IT and business executives & 435 executives in U.S. IT firms in July 2012.

CompTIA Actual Questions

specialist note the following signs of a difficulty with the handing out of big data, the size of data in the organization is superior than the physical capabilities of scaling its IT infrastructure that needs high speed processing of big amounts of data. Companies are not prepared in analyzing, storing & backing up such an enormous amount of structured & unstructured data.


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