CompTIA Addresses Growing Mobile Security App Needs

The global market for mobile devices continues to grow both in the consumer and business. This is making the integration of mobile devices and security management applications some of the services most needed between organizations and the basic skills required to solution providers .

To help solve this CompTIA has introduced a new certification of skills for solution providers and developers to increase awareness and safety training for the development of mobile applications. CompTIA Security + Mobile App is vendor-neutral and validates the skills needed to create a mobile application ensures secure network communications and back-end web services , the non-profit association of IT.

Comptia Certification

CompTIA is aware that the mobile device management and security are growing service opportunities for the channel. In fact, for the first time ever , shipments of mobile devices are outselling PCs . In the future , the difference is only going to increase .

To put things in perspective , it is expected that sales of PCs around the world to reduce to 315 million this year to $ 341 million in 2012 , then dropped to 302 million in 2014 and approximately 271.6 million in 2017, according to a research report published earlier this year by Gartner.

In comparison , it is expected that mobile devices ( including ultra -portable laptops , tablets and mobile phones) to increase by more than a combined total of two billion in shipments this year , rising in 2014 to 2300 million July 2 billion in 2017 , according to Gartner .

” Although there will be some people who maintain personal and a Tablet PC , especially those that use one or both for work and play , the more satisfied with the experience they get from a tablet as their primary computing device ,” said Carolina Milanesi , research vice president Gartner , at the time of the publication of the report. “As consumers change their time away from your PC for tablets and smartphones, which will no longer see your PC as a device that needed to replace a regular basis. ”


In terms of operating system , Google ( GOOG ) Android , Apple (AAPL ) iOS / Mac OS and Microsoft ( MSFT ) Windows will remain among the top three, said research firm .

As a result , the New certification exams will be published only by CompTIA native mobile applications for iOS and Android, the company says.

” Mobile applications accounts are millions of them are downloaded every day on smartphones, tablets and mobile devices Other” executive vice president of skills certification , CompTIA , in a statement. ” But too often in his career vertigo market new applications Bring rapidly , security considerations are re-examine them again with these certifications , our goal is to bring the discussion back to where it belongs safety – . Exit Network In Mobile Application Development .”
CompTIA SAID those candidates Mobile App CompTIA Security + credentials Vendres mobile application developers , software developers , development managers , and application developers of network security . Complete exam objectives are available on the website of CompTIA certification.

Areas covered in the exams include:

  • Principles of secure application development
Security models of Android and iOS devices
  • Common threats to mobile app security
Web services security models and vulnerabilities
Secure coding techniques
  • Common implementations of cryptography
  • Encryption for storage and communications

The mobile revolution, as I have stated before, has just begun. Mobile application development and security is a critical skill for solution providers moving forward.


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